The School of Styling

It has been nearly a month since I went to one of the School of Styling's 3 day workshops held in Nashville. If you aren't familiar with The School of Styling, they host a small group of students for a 3 day school in various cities all over the country. TSOS caters to creatives in many fields, but predominately stylists, wedding planners, photographers and florists. Top notch experts in their field are brought in, filling the participants with tips of growth and guidance.

Image by:   Shayln Nelson   taken at our home for the duration of the event -   The cordelle

Image by: Shayln Nelson taken at our home for the duration of the event - The cordelle

I wasn't quite sure what I would learn, but I had expectations to see a beautifully curated space with every detail I won't go into all of the intricacies that went into making the time spent with these ladies so special, simply because their own pictures and exploration of each day is detailed beautifully. Please take a moment and look into the particulars that were seamlessly executed on their company blog found here.  What I would like to take a moment to speak to are the tools that I wasn't expecting to learn. I wasn't expecting the depth of self exploration that would ensue after hearing powerhouse woman encourage our small group to do things that are only "life giving". I wasn't expecting to be challenged with the importance of goal setting and to solidify the "why" behind your business and make it the firm foundation on how you run your company.  These are things that you may hear occasionally, but hearing it from women who take their armor off and share how their battles have brought them through the fire towards their success was a different story.

I've been working in my field in some form or another for almost 13 years, I have been on my own now for almost a year. In all of my years, I have listened to leaders in the industry talk about the hustle and how there really isn't a balance of those who are doing what they love. You just power through, you work at all hours when you need to and you try to prioritize as best as you can. I almost fooled myself into believing this misguided process. What this workshop reminded me is that there is a beautiful truth in doing what you enjoy, but it is not the breath that fills your lungs. There is a life to be lived, breath that keeps us going for a great purpose.  For that reminder, I am so grateful because it has refocused my "why". It has helped me to dream bigger so that I can work to help others, it has reinforced that my faith is the foundation on which I stand and that I am incredibly humbled to have the creative gifts that I have, and the business that I have started.

If you have the time to attend, go. I hope that you can listen subjectively and be honest with yourself. Listen to the depths of your soul that will push you to finding your "why" and seek out the things that are indeed life giving.