ADR, shortened for "And Delight Reigned",  is a phrase taken from a favorite book of mine- The Secret Garden. In its simplicity, this phrase reminds me that there is an immense joy to receive every day.  we should take notice of, and delight in the gifts that we have been given at every opportunity. These virtues serve as a beacon for this company. They signify that there is a hopeful light guiding us onward when the brambles and darkness scorn our progress.Whether through styling or overseeing the creative process, there is  joy to be found in showcasing and honoring each project's unique beauty.  

I strive to make my personal and professional time intentional and assure you that your project is handled with respect and creative integrity. Thank you for letting us tell your story. 

- TCH -



From an early age I was a student of the arts. My passion took me from my hometown of Atlanta to Nashville to pursue a career in my studied field of classical music. After a devastating accident that inevitably left me unable to pursue and play my instrument, I shifted direction and graduated with a business degree from Belmont University with a focus in marketing and entrepreneurship. A trek to New York for graduate studies at Parsons School of Design in fashion marketing, and further education at Yale University studying Art History, allowed for another adventure to emerge. I was fortunate to work in marketing and advertising with some of the most established and well respected companies in the industry including fashion giants like Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co, and Louis Vuitton North America.  While all of these opportunities have been an immense gift, it is of course, the difficulties that have molded my life.  I am humbled by their teachings and reminded daily that grace prevails. 

 My journey has now lead my husband and I, as well as our two cats back to Nashville. When I am not dedicating my time to making people and places look and feel beautiful, I am making bad jokes and trying to keep my cats off the curtains, which are now ironically no longer beautiful.  In addition to running ADR Creative, I am equally honored to grow  my non-profit company, James' Gift.


Assistant Stylist - khaki stanford