The Perfect Pair

I met the owner of the perfect pair, the lovely whitney dunn daniel 14 years ago.  She has been just as graceful since that day ages ago!  as we all do with time and life experiences, she has truly come in to her own.  I am  thrilled to have Whitney as my first story not only because we both share a strong love of shoes (hehe)  but also because I have a deep admiration for her as a small business owner succesfully juggling it all!  it is wonderful to recall the growth of her shop and now support her as nashville continues to expand.  

TCH: You know I have been such a fan of yours for ages.   When you opened your shop a few years ago I was thrilled!  What spurred you on to take the leap and open your own business?

WDD:  I traveled the southeast for a few years as a clothing rep. i noticed every cool city and town i visited had a shoe and accessories shop. nashville was missing one. 

TCH: How would you describe your style? Also as a new mom do you think this will be shifting a little bit? 

WDD: the only thing shifting are my hips. ha! I would describe my style as simple chic with a bit of a boho vibe. I don't wear a lot of color, nor do i buy into many trends. I prefer timeless clothing that can be spruced up with fun funky shoes, accessories and jewelry. I wear alot of black! especially now that i am a mom. 


TCH: As someone who also works with interiors, I must say Your shop feels heavenly to walk in to! There is such a serene nature to it. did you design the space yourself? What was the inspiration behind The Perfect Pair space? 

WDD; thank you! I worked with my dear friend and designer Rachel Halvorson. I am semi-obsessed with interiors and terrible with scale and placement. so together we brainstormed over wine and came up with the clean, white kind of morroccan inspired space..

TCH: Do you foresee opening up another location?

WDD: I absolutely love being in green hills. i do have a business plan rolling for an online shop. one brick and mortar location is all i want. 

TCH: of all the designers that you carry, who feels the most versatile? I know it is hard to pick a favorite,  but if you would indulge me…

WWd: Coclico is my all-time favorite. Their Shoes withstand the test of time. They're chic, comfy, and very cool. They are carefully made with love in Mallorca, Spain. The shoes I have from them that are 10 years old are still as cool as the pair i have from their newest collection. I wear them, and my mom wears them. They are appealing to all ages. 

TCH: Where do you go to clear your head and draw inspiration?

      WDD:  I"ll take a trip with my husband or family,  retreat to our family farm, or even just relax at home on                                                                                                         
        pinterest with a glass of wine

TCH: If you could provide any advice to someone starting their own business what would it be? 

WDD: always listen to your gut. if you stay tuned in, you'll make more sound decisions. 



TCH: Favorite dinner party guests? 

WDD: my husband, my parents, my siblings, my 3 best pals.

TCH: Wine or Whiskey? 

WDD: duh. wine. 

TCH: If you weren’t doing this, what would be on the agenda? 

       WDD: wardrobe styling or interiors...or both. but i adore my job and can dabble in the two others as i                       seasonally design my space and help clients with their wardrobes. 

TCH: Favorite place to vacation?

       WDD: that's an impossible question. i adore any vacation,  as long as i'm with my little family, i'm happy. 

TCH: Favorite Nashville restaurant / Shop (besides yours)? 

       WDD: cadeau on 12th for home stuff. epice in 12 south, for an amazing dinner. 

TCH: Something we don’t know… it could be about you or just random information

WDD: hmmm.....i was voted class clown in high school. wonder if this trait will pass along to my son? yikes!

Photo by: Alyssa Rosenheck 

Photo by: Alyssa Rosenheck 

If you aren't a fan yet, please go see Whitney at her shop, I promise you will fall in love with this delightful store and its owner.  

The Perfect Pair : 2209 Bandywood Drive, Nashville TN  ~ ~ 615. 385. 7427

Photos courtesy of the talented Alyssa Rosenheck:

Interior design: